The CBD industry is expected to grow significantly, so with more people than ever trying out CBD products, comes a responsibility to know which CBD products are worth trying. After all, not all CBD products are created equal; some are overpriced and others can be of a low quality. Whether you’re seeking pleasure or just a means to reduce pain from pre-existing conditions like arthritis, then this is the guide for you!

CBD also known as cannabidiol, a chemical compound found within marijuana plants. It’s a naturally occurring compound and has many benefits including pain management and to help induce relaxation. People from all walks of life have used a product including CBD, whether it’s a fitness nut getting ready for the next workout or the elderly lady seeking to soothe her aching bones. If you are interested in finding out more as to which supplement is best for you, then consider the following information.

With separate categories of different CBD supplements, we try to streamline the guide to make it really easy to understand some of the different products, what it can be used for, and some important differences between them. Of course, this is a general guide for beginners to understand and new people trying to get into CBD items.

Full-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

You may be wondering “what is full-spectrum and how is it different from a CBD isolate?” The main difference lies in that a full-spectrum CBD product is one with more cannabinoids than just a plain CBD product. Some cannabinoids involved are small traces of THC, but there are other cannabinoids packed into a full-spectrum CBD supplement. Full-spectrum CBD supplements can enhance itself, as different cannabinoids often synergize together causing what is known as the entourage effect. Naturally, most consumers of CBD often tend to migrate towards full-spectrum CBD items, or just moderate amounts of CBD as opposed to just pure CBD with no other cannabinoids.

By comparison, a CBD isolate is a supplement with nothing more than cannabidiol, often in a powder or wax form. These are ideally used for those who don’t want THC in their system and cooking (CBD isolates are often tasteless). Softer CBDs don’t necessarily mean they are less effective, it just fulfills a different niche compared to full-spectrum. 

Neither full-spectrum nor CBD isolates are bad. It depends entirely on your personal preferences, and if your needs necessitate one over another more. On average, full-spectrum CBD products are considered more beneficial to your health.

CBD Oils

CBD oils are, unsurprisingly, oils that contain CBD. As an oil, there are several methods of which you can consume it. One method would be to use it like a cooking oil for your culinary recipes similar to CBD isolates, but with a certain taste to it (as opposed to CBD isolates being tasteless). Another would be to just lather it on your skin like any other kind of cream. You could also put it under your tongue to allow the CBD to reach everywhere within your body. Unfortunately, CBD oils can taste rather meh, especially if you don’t like the taste of Natural earthy flavors like hemp. How to choose CBD oils best suited for yourself? Firstly it’s best to understand what you are looking for in terms of choosing between Full-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate Tinctures.

CBD Capsules

Like common medication, you can consume CBD via capsules, specifically CBD capsules. Like in full spectrum vs. CBD isolates, there are CBD isolate capsules that specifically isolate certain cannabinoids like THC, so you can enjoy just pure CBD. Any form of CBD capsules are easy to take and digest, but keep in mind that you can’t adjust the strength of a capsule like you could with oil or other CBD products.

Of course, if you have taken medication before that utilize the capsule format, then this supplement should be well familiar to you. There’s nothing fancy in consuming it, just swallow it whole or with a quick glass of water. CBD capsules can be used by people of all ages and break down like other medical capsules within your body.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are similar to some forms of CBD oil in that you can apply it directly to your skin. It is more specialized by comparison, so there are different ways you can consume CBD. If you like creams, you can use a CBD cream like a good ole spa pampering! Alternatively, you can use CBD lotion like sun lotion before a great, chill day at the beach! CBD bath bombs are also exploding in creativity! Taking a bath and improving skin care with a CBD bath bomb is another great way to consume CBD.

Just remember that CBD topicals affect your body at a local level, usually just skin and certain muscles. You won’t have the whole body affected like with certain CBD oils. If that is considered a positive for you, then a CBD topical is definitely the way to go.


One thing we haven’t fully discussed or addressed is the bioavailability of the product. Bioavailability is a term meant to describe the optimal dosage of CBD your body can properly use. You won’t overdose on CBD, but there is a limit to how much works. Predictably, something like CBD topicals have low bioavailability, especially since it’s at a local level.

Beyond bioavailability, there are also personal preferences. Perhaps you like the high associated with CBD oils more than anything else. Alternatively, maybe you hate that aspect of it and want something softer. There is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD supplements, so thankfully there are numerous CBD products for you to check out. There are even subdivisions among the categories, like full-spectrum vs. CBD isolate (for instance, there are many in-between that are moderate) and different ingredients can make a supplement entirely different from another similar one. When trying to figure out how to find the right CBD products it is important to do the right research to make sure you are buying both affordable and quality CBD Products.

Variety is the spice of life, and diversity within the CBD industry is always improving! Oils, capsules, topicals, and who knows what else can be added in the future. Of course, that’s when an intermediate guide comes into play, so now that you understand the bare basics of the CBD industry and what supplements are offered, look forward to more in-depth guides.

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