CBD for Athletes

Five Reasons to Add CBD Into Your Workout Regimen

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is the second most active ingredient of the marijuana plant. Stemming from hemp, CBD does feature some similar characteristics to marijuana. However, there are some significant differences. 

Although CBD is an ingredient in marijuana, users do not experience the same high as they would by taking marijuana. Experts say that there is no evidence for a public health problem to emerge regarding CBD. CBD for athletes has become quite popular with fitness enthusiasts and athletes all over for some of the benefits the plant compound has to offer.

What Are Some General Benefits of CBD? 

There is not a lot of solid evidence that supports the benefits of CBD. Members of the scientific community believe that there should be more testing to confirm the advantages. However, CBD is not harmful and the small research that has been done does help us know about are some of the general benefits of the plant:

  • Could help reduce anxiety and depression
  • Could alleviate acne
  • May help prevent diabetes
  • Could promote heart health
  • Could ease some cancer-related symptoms

Top Five Reasons to Add CBD to Your Workout Regimen

Workout regimens are changing all the time. One thing, though, that many people are sticking to is CBD. Several advantages could specifically enhance your workout routine. Routine gymgoers and fitness gurus use CBD oil for weight loss, keeping up energy, and promoting muscle recovery.

Here are the top five reasons to add CBD to your workout routine:

CBD Can Help Ease Pain During Workout

A prominent reason people refuse to work out on some days is because of pain. Pain in joints and muscles encourages people to skip their exercising for the day. However, CDB could change that. 

There is research stating that, like medical marijuana, cannabidiol can help relieve pain. One study analyzed the effects of CBD on arthritis suffers and those with chronic pain. The results concluded that the treatment was well-received, and there is great promise for CBD as a pain treatment in the future. 

While CBD can get rid of the pain, it can also distract you from any bodily discomfort that prevents you from getting active. It can give you the distracting energy you need to get through the day’s routine.  This is another key part in why CBD for athletes and physically active people, in general, has become so popular in recent years.

cbd for athletes
CBD for Athletes

Use CBD for Inflammation Reduction

Using CBD for inflammation reduction has proven to be effective. This can ease pain caused by working out or pain that gets in the way of you reaching your workout goals. 

A study conducted in-depth research on the inflammatory and autoimmune disease effects CBD has, finding that there is a lot of positivity. The study states that cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory agents that use four different mechanisms to suppress inflammation: apoptosis, suppression of cytokine production, inhibition of cell proliferation, and induction of T-regulatory cells. 

To use CBD for inflammation, you can ingest or apply topically after a workout. This can help in muscle recovery and get you ready for the next day’s activities without having pain hold you back. 

CBD Could Help Muscle Recovery

Many people use CBD oil for weight loss and weight management because of its muscle recovery properties. Post-workout soreness and fatigue can get in the way of doing completing the next workout. CBD may be able to help. 

Personal trainers say that using CBD can help rid that aching feeling the day after a workout. Not only does it keep you from feeling the pain, but it also can encourage you to follow your workout regimen. 

Some CBD studies show that the ingredient influences cortisol secretion. When adding CBD, one study found that cortisol levels dropped. The cortisol hormone affects the soreness in your muscles after physical activity. For this, reducing the cortisol levels could have some alleviating properties to your post-workout recovery. 

Use CBD as a Mood Booster

Lots of regular exercises started to use CBD for energy acquisition. Many people want to work out but struggle to find the energy to get after it. This is where CBD comes in and enhances your power. 

CBD does not have the same attributes as THC, meaning that it is not psychoactive. Those who take CBD do not have the same feeling as those who take marijuana. However, using CBD for energy is a fantastic way to push through a workout. 

Some people find that CBD can increase your enjoyment of repetitive motions and activities. Like, jogging or biking can get monotonous at times. CBD could help make you feel a bit happier when carrying out these motions. 

CBD Assists in Post-Workout Sleep

Sleep is critical for muscle recovery and overall bodily health. This is when your body works to recover from all the strenuous activity from your workout routine. Those who have been suffering with sleep disorders have found using CBD for Sleeping can help them have a better night’s rest.

CBD is known to have sleep-inducing properties. Therefore, it can give you a burst of energy at the moment, but after a while, fatigue can take over and let your body reconstruct and recover for the next day. 

How to Take CBD for Your Workout Regimen

People enjoy using CBD for weight loss since it can promote a healthier and more active lifestyle. Plus, it is generally inexpensive and safe to use. 

Before taking CBD, be sure to consult a doctor so that the plant does not interfere with any medications you are taking. 

When you receive the “all clear” from your doctor, there are different ways to intake CBD. Oils, gummies, and tablets are some of the ways people ingest the plant ingredient. CBD Salve is also very popular among those who take CBD for their workout regimen. 

CBD Salve is a topical ointment that contains cannabidiol. So, CBD Salve is an excellent way to use the plant for workout recovery and preparation for more physical activity. 

CBD for Athletes

When taking a supplementary drug or ingredient, athletes must beware. Considering performance-enhancing drugs can affect the outcome of their competitions. However, CBD for athletes is completely acceptable. 

CBD is not a performance-enhancing drug. It does not take on the same effects as stimulants or steroids. Therefore, athletes are good to go. 

All in all, even though there is not much scientific evidence proving the benefits of CBD, the plant is still a safe way to enhance your workout regimen. 

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