Why Isn't CBD Working For Me?

Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me?

So you did it—you bought CBD oil. You eagerly anticipated reaping its advantages. Yet you felt nothing when you used it. Don’t worry you are not alone! Many new CBD users ask the same question. Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me?

You might believe that your CBD oil is ineffective. This left you wondering if you utilized the CBD oil improperly or if the bottle you paid good money for was a dud.

Although CBD oil has many health advantages, they might not apply to you.

The quality of the chemicals, incorrect labeling, and even your particular body chemistry all have an impact on the effectiveness of CBD oil, which also means that CBD “may not be for you.”

Let’s look at the six possible causes of your CBD oil’s failure to provide the desired benefits.

Reason #1: Your CBD oil is obtained from an unreliable source.

When you hear about CBD oil that hasn’t been tested, you should be wary. If your CBD oil was not subjected to laboratory testing, there is no way for you to determine if it is safe to use or not. You may be confident that the CBD oil is of the finest quality and is completely safe if it has undergone testing by the manufacturer as well as a third party.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical components of the product, as well as results for typical pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals, or microbiological impurities, should all be included in a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from such testing.

Reason #2: You Must Increase CBD Levels in Your System

The fact that CBD is non-psychoactive is one of its best features. As a result, you can use it wherever you choose without having to worry about getting high. It can, however, take some time for it to develop to the point where it is useful in your body.

It’s possible that you’re not consuming enough CBD to have a noticeable impact. Only 15 to 30 mg of CBD taken daily may not be enough for many people to experience the desired effects. If so, up your dosage by 5 mg and give yourself at least two hours before taking more.

Try raising your dose after a week if you don’t feel comfortable doing so within a day. Increase the dosage every time you feel your wellbeing improving.

Keep an eye on your CBD intake and your mood. Keep an eye on your development to observe if it improves or deteriorates. You can make a safe copy using the note-taking software on your phone.

Reason #3: Your Lack of Patience

“Is CBD bogus?”

It’s a common statement made by beginners when they don’t experience any effects even after only one drop of CBD oil.

Because they don’t give CBD oil enough time to work, many people think it doesn’t work. Even while some products on the market promise rapid relief, many people rarely experience this.

Additionally, a lot of CBD oil products on the market today have additives that may hinder the bioavailability of the material, which refers to how well and quickly a substance is absorbed or becomes available inside the body. It is therefore impossible to anticipate when they will go into effect.

Look for high-quality, chemical-free products when buying CBD oil.

It may take several weeks for CBD to start working for many people, depending on how you plan to use it. Those who are fortunate begin to feel the difference and profit after only a few days.

Reason #4: Incorrect Delivery Technique

If you’re administering CBD oil incorrectly, it could not be functioning as well as it could.

Take CBD oil in a variety of ways. Each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Which is best for you will depend on your lifestyle, your use of the method, and your feelings about the different approaches.

The three most widely used administrative techniques are:

  • sublingual (under the tongue)
  • oral (swallowed)
  • topical (applied to the skin)

The ideal method of administration is sublingual if you are nauseous or have problems swallowing. This approach allows CBD to enter the bloodstream more quickly than oral consumption.

If you want to avoid smoking or vaping but don’t enjoy the flavor of full-spectrum CBD oil, oral administration can be a better option.

While topical treatment may take a little longer to take action, it offers targeted relief for headaches, neck pain, backaches, and shoulder tension.

Reason #5: You’re counting on CBD to do miracles

You may be fed up with conventional medicine’s negative side effects. You’re betting everything on CBD as a result, and you have big expectations (no pun intended).

More and more individuals are embracing CBD oil for its numerous health advantages. Many believe it to be a potent substitute for conventional drugs. Having said that, CBD oil is not a miracle treatment for every disease.

Another factor contributes to the excessive expectations individuals have about CBD oil. Numerous businessmen are aware of the expanding CBD market. These people use unscrupulous tactics to advertise their goods. To profit from consumers who are desperate to purchase CBD, they exaggerate or even make untrue claims.

Reason #6: CBD May Just Not Be for You

Despite its many advantages, CBD might not be effective for all people. The way that CBD affects different people differs as well. The endocannabinoid system functions differently in each individual. [1]

Your metabolic and genetic make-up will influence how your body responds to CBD. It is generally accepted that those with a normal endocannabinoid system or a healthy metabolism are more likely to experience the drug’s improved effects than those with endocannabinoid deficiencies.

It’s also critical to realize that not everyone can tolerate CBD oil. Only a small fraction of people benefit from CBD in any way.

Frequently, this means two things:

Any dietary supplement won’t assist because their system isn’t functioning properly.
They have a condition in which supplementing won’t help because the symptoms are too severe.
It’s possible for CBD to interact negatively with some drugs and supplements. Check to see if you’re not utilizing anything that might interact with CBD oil before you buy any.

How to Use CBD Oil Effectively: Some Advice for New Users

Understanding and using CBD oil successfully can be challenging, especially when you’re first starting out. Sometimes all we need to know is the proper approach to consume CBD oil. Sometimes, the source of your CBD oil is what makes a difference.

Here are some pointers on how to make the most of CBD oil for individuals who are just starting to use it:

Tip #1: Understand how CBD Works

Cannabis plant extract CBD provides a number of therapeutic advantages. There are a few things you should be aware of if you’re new to CBD to make sure it works for you.

CBD can be used topically, consumed as an edible, or taken as oil, capsules, gummies, or capsules. It’s crucial to select the format in accordance with your tastes and way of life.

The body uses CBD for a variety of reasons. A person should examine their symptoms to see whether this product would help them before purchasing any products because it could not treat all ailments.

In our CBD Knowledge area, you can find out more information on how CBD works.

Tip #2 Understand your preferences.

It can be challenging to determine which CBD products will be effective for you. If you want to choose the greatest CBD product, being aware of your preferences is really helpful.

Oral or sublingual use, whether in the form of a pill or combined with food or beverages, is the most popular mode of consumption. CBD can also be applied topically on the skin and breathed through an e-cigarette or vaporizer.

Additionally, people take into account things like taste preferences and convenience. An oral pill might be better for you if you’re always on the go or want to take CBD covertly.

Tip #3: Purchase from a Trusted Source

Finding a high-quality CBD oil has become more difficult as new CBD stores appear daily. You must be particularly cautious when choosing what to buy and where to get it.

It is advisable to purchase from companies dedicated to making high-quality CBD oil. They don’t skimp on the quality of the production. This raises your likelihood of getting the result you want.

Tip #4: Incorporate Full-Spectrum CBD

Three different CBD product kinds are available:

  • Full-spectrum CBD. This kind has the full range of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. With the exception of THC, it contains all the elements of full-spectrum CBD.
  • CBD isolate. This product lives up to its name because it only includes CBD and nothing else from the cannabis plant.

Full-spectrum CBD is thought to be more powerful even though CBD isolate contains 100% CBD. Among many other health advantages, full-spectrum CBD products have been associated with improvements in mood, increased sleep quality, and indices of physical discomfort. Additionally, they are easier to find than their competitors.

Tip #5: Purchase CBD products that have undergone laboratory testing

CBD and other compounds derived from cannabis are not regulated by the FDA. This implies that there are no restrictions on which businesses can create CBD supplements or how pure they must be. Therefore, search for CBD products that have undergone independent testing while shopping.

Pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities that could be harmful to your health are absent from lab-tested CBD products.

Final Thoughts

Your CBD oil may not be working for you for a variety of reasons. Before you give up on CBD oil altogether, give these suggestions a shot to get better results.

Numerous consumers contend that CBD enhanced their quality of life. However, if it’s used improperly, you might as well be wasting your hard-earned money.

Keep in mind that quality is crucial for CBD oil’s effectiveness, especially in light of the absence of market controls. Make sure the hemp used to produce your CBD is organic and was cultivated without synthetic growth hormones or pesticides. The CBD oil should have undergone a batch-specific COA from an independent laboratory and be extracted without the use of harsh solvents.

Can you give new users any more advice to help them obtain the maximum benefit possible from CBD oil? Please get in touch with us.

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