The recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs

The recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs: How much CBD should I give my dog? This is one of the most frequent queries we receive from pet owners.

CBD dosage for pets may appear challenging at first, but if you comprehend the fundamental measurements and perform some basic math, you’ll be able to determine the ideal dosage for your furry buddy with ease.

Like humans, dogs and other animals have an endocannabinoid system.

As a result, it may have similar effects on our canine friends, improving their health in a natural and secure manner.

Due to the stigma attached to THC, many people don’t like to mention cannabis and dogs together.

Of course, THC might make your dog drowsy and cause a few undesirable side effects, but in this post, we only concentrate on CBD.

As you may already be aware, CBD is not a sedative and can even lessen the euphoric effects of THC.

Up to 0.3% THC is present in hemp-derived CBD oils, which is not enough to make your pet stoned.

Without further ado, let’s examine various CBD dosages for dogs so you can quickly determine the appropriate dosage for your dog.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Benefits

CBD can benefit your dog in a variety of ways, from mild aches and pains to more serious health issues. Dogs’ endocannabinoid systems, which control important biological functions in their bodies, are known to exist. Homeostasis is the capacity to sustain self-regulation.

Each network in your dog’s body is properly connected by a functioning endocannabinoid system.

The following are some of the most typical issues CBD oil might assist your dog with:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Joint stiffness and impaired mobility
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Digestive issues
  • Nausea

Additionally, research has connected CBD to the earlier death of cancer cells and the slower growth of tumors in several forms of cancer.

Please be aware that the information above is preclinical research-based and not meant to be taken as medical advice. Consult a vet who is knowledgeable about the advantages of CBD for pets if you require expert advice on giving your dog CBD oil. You can determine how much CBD oil to give your dog by consulting a licensed veterinarian.

What CBD dosage should I give my dog? 5 Points to Think About

The recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs

Finding the ideal CBD dosage for their dogs can be challenging for pet owners who are just beginning to use CBD oil.

The quantity of CBD you should give your dog depends on five main factors:

  1. Consumption method
  2. The potency of CBD in your product
  3. Your dog’s size (weight)
  4. The severity of symptoms
  5. Your dog’s activity level

Let’s go more in-depth with each of these elements.

1. Consumption Method

Although CBD is available in a wide variety of forms, dogs and other pets have fewer alternatives than people have.

You may purchase CBD for dogs in three major forms:

The finest product for dogs is unquestionably CBD oil because it has a high bioavailability and benefits that last a very long time.

Full-spectrum CBD oil has an unique earthy flavor, which not all dogs will enjoy. If your dog is picky, you might think about introducing CBD pet treats to its diet. CBD edibles typically taste better than CBD oil and provide a fixed CBD dose in each serving, making them the more convenient option.

The effects of CBD edibles, however, may take longer to manifest; they typically do so within 30 to 90 minutes of consumption. Additionally, your dog will receive less CBD in total because the CBD must be metabolized in the digestive system.

When your dog experiences various forms of physical discomfort, topical CBD creams perform best for localized issues. Because you just apply this kind of product as necessary, it is the simplest to dose. Because CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream but rather binds to cannabinoid receptors in the deeper layers of your dog’s skin, topicals also have a quick onset of action.

2. The Size of Your Pet

Like any other dietary supplement, the dosage is frequently determined by weight.

Smaller puppies would typically require less CBD to have the same effects as bigger dogs. Some CBD products have dosage instructions printed right on the bottle, which makes dosing simpler right away.

You will need to feed your dog extra CBD oil as they become bigger. In order to make the long-term cost of supplementing your dog more manageable, you may occasionally need to select a higher potency choice.

This leads to the following point.

3. The Potency of CBD in Your Product

The milligrams that are present in each milliliter of the oil are referred to as the potency. One CBD serving for dogs is often between 1/2 and 1 mL, so if a bottle of CBD oil has 30 mL, there are roughly 30–60 servings per bottle.

Choose from the alternatives with the lowest potency if your dog is little. Low-potency oils, however, could eventually become prohibitively expensive for larger dogs.

We advise switching to a more potent oil if your dog requires more than 1 mL of CBD oil per day.

4. The Degree of Your Dog’s Illness

Although CBD has many wonderful health advantages for dogs, it is not a cure-all medication. Despite the fact that Royal CBD products can enhance your dog’s quality of life, they are not meant to prevent, identify, or treat any diseases.

The dosage of CBD oil you should give your dog will therefore depend on how severe their symptoms are. Your dog might require smaller doses to treat symptoms like mild anxiety or transient joint pain. When treating a more serious condition, pet owners frequently decide to use high-potency oils to determine the right dosage. Large dogs are especially affected by this.

5. The Dog’s Activity Level

This component is crucial to consider because your dog’s level of activity affects how quickly CBD will be absorbed in their body. To avoid any interactions between CBD and any medications that your dog may be taking at the time, we urge you to consult your dog’s veterinarian about drug metabolism.

Guidelines for General CBD Dosage in Dogs


While we can’t tell you exactly how much CBD oil to give your dog, we can give you some advice on how to make their CBD routine more effective.

You can begin with 2-5 mg of CBD per day and increase the dosage based on the dog’s weight for about a week. If the symptoms don’t improve after a week of monitoring the effects, you can increase the dose by 2–5 mg. Repeat until you discover the right dose for your dog.

On the back of the bottle, a reputable brand should list its dose guidelines. For your trial and error, you can utilize them as a respectable point of reference.

Size Matters: Estimating the Appropriate Amount of CBD Oil to Give Your Dog Based on Weight

We’ll discuss various CBD dosage suggestions for dogs in this part based on their size, which is determined by weight.

Dogs require less CBD to have the desired benefits because they are smaller than people. Even huge dogs are roughly one-third the size of a typical adult human, so starting with 1-3 mg of CBD makes sense.

Let’s look at the relative CBD dosage that your dog will require.

1. Extra-Small Dog CBD Dosage (2–15 lbs)

It’s better to use the least amount of CBD on extremely small pets.

However, due to their incredibly quick metabolism, little dogs’ bodies will break down CBD more quickly and reduce its availability to the body.

Three to four doses of CBD each day, increased from one to two, should work.

A starting CBD dose of 1 mg may be adequate for your dog if they have never taken CBD before.

We advise measuring out 1/2 mg of oil for behavioral issues like anxiety and adding a few drops later if you don’t experience any changes after the following, let’s say, 5 days of use.

Giving CBD oil to your dog twice daily is the best place to start. Use 2-mg increments each time you want to increase the dosage until your dog feels better.

Extra-small dogs shouldn’t consume more CBD per day than 15 mg.

Remember that these are merely estimates and not to be construed as veterinarian or medical advice.

2. Small Dog CBD Dosage (15 – 30 lbs)

Following a customer survey on various CBD dosages for medium-sized dogs, we discovered that many pet owners report success with a starting dose of 2 mg and gradually increasing it by 3 mg until they detect a change.

The majority of medium-sized dogs should respond well to a daily intake of 5 mg of CBD. A dog under 30 lbs. should receive no more than 20 milligrams of CBD per day.

3. Medium Dog CBD Dosage (30 – 60 lbs)

As previously stated, larger dogs could require more CBD to have the desired results.

How much CBD oil should a medium-sized dog initially receive?

Generally speaking, depending on the intensity of your dog’s symptoms, a dose of 3 mg CBD is a decent place to start.

We advise giving your dog 3 mg of CBD twice daily for behavioral issues like anxiety, ADHD, or low eating.

Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior to determine whether CBD’s effects are beginning to manifest.

If you don’t notice an improvement, up the dosage by another 3 mg, being careful not to go beyond 30 mg daily.

4. Dosage of CBD for Big Dogs (60–150 lbs)

We advise large dog owners to abide by the same general rules as those for medium dog owners. However, you might anticipate receiving a significantly bigger dose if your dog is particularly large. Again, as each dog may respond to CBD differently, we advise starting with the lowest dosage and gradually increasing it by 3-5 mg per dose until your dog shows symptoms of improvement.

With Hemperial CBD Oil, You Can Give Your Dog the Appropriate Dose

We typically suggest our 250 mg and 500 mg bottles for dogs. The 1000 mg bottle should ultimately be the most cost-effective option for owners of extra-large dogs.

The Best Way to Give My Dog CBD Oil

Sublingual membranes are the optimal route for CBD oil absorption. First, use a dropper to measure out the suggested daily dosage for your dog. Then you start praying that they would hold the oil there for approximately a minute after you squeeze it under their tongue.

Each dog is unique. If your dog isn’t keen on eating CBD oil, consider adding it to its food. While some dogs adore licking CBD oil up and ultimately get used to the routine, others can’t stomach the earthy taste of a full-spectrum extract.

Using Hemperial CBD Topicals to Get the Right Dose

Every conventional form of CBD is available at Royal CBD, including oils, capsules, gummies, and topicals. Our CBD oil is typically recommended as a daily supplement, but occasionally your dog may experience localized discomfort that may benefit more from a topical solution, like CBD salve or roll-on gel.

The CBD in topicals doesn’t enter the bloodstream; rather, it works with cannabinoid receptors in your dog’s skin to treat a variety of localized issues, such as inflammation, restricted movement, and joint stiffness.

Since topical CBD products are the least studied way to administer CBD to dogs, there are no set rules for how much CBD is appropriate to use. Most of the time, you simply apply the cream as needed to the troublesome area and wait 15 to 30 minutes for the effects to take effect.

Rub it into your dog’s body once again if the dose you applied didn’t provide any relief.

How to Determine Your Own CBD Dosage for Dogs

You’re probably wondering now if there’s a quick way to determine how much CBD oil to give your dog without relying on the manufacturer’s goodwill to offer general guidelines.

Fortunately, it’s a simple procedure that only calls for basic math.

Here is the fundamental formula:

Basic Starting Dose: 0.25 mg x your dog’s weight in pounds

Calculating the dosage for a dog that weighs 10 pounds:

10 lbs. x 0.25 mg = 2.5 mg of CBD

Calculate the amount of CBD in a single serving, which is typically 1 mL, to determine which potency will be most effective for your pet.

The Hemperial CBD oils’ potency breakdown for dogs of various sizes is as follows:

500 mg = 16 mg/mL, 1,000 mg = 33 mg/mL, and 250 mg = 8 mg/mL.
Assume you are use the 250 mg bottle. The calculation would be as follows:

250 mg of CBD oil is equal to 2.5 mg/10 mg/mL, or 0.25 ml.

If your dog responds well to this dosage, you’ll have enough supplement in the 250 mg strength for about 4 months.

Is my dog safe to use CBD oil?

For pets, CBD is non-toxic and harmless. It has numerous health advantages and can be taken consistently without the threat of tolerance development. Your dog shouldn’t have any negative affects at all as long as you steer clear of high amounts of CBD.

Giving your dog too much CBD oil at once might have a number of moderate negative effects, including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • A temporary drop in blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Problems with coordination

Make sure to let them know if your dog is taking any prescription medications if you intend to start giving them CBD oil. Many prescription and over-the-counter medications have been shown to interact with CBD; it can either increase or decrease their bloodstream concentrations, dampening therapeutic effects or causing unintended side effects from having too much of a certain ingredient in your dog’s system.

Do Dog CBD Oil and Human CBD Oil Have Any Differences?

CBD oil for dogs is the same product as CBD oil for people in terms of its chemical composition. For greater bioavailability, it often contains a full-spectrum hemp extract contained in a carrier oil. Occasionally, flavorings are also added to pet products to improve the flavor of the oil.

The main distinction between canine CBD oil and human CBD oil is the quantity of CBD per bottle for canine items. These low-potency oils are produced by businesses to facilitate dosing for owners of smaller pets.

Key Lessons on Dosing Your Dog with the Correct Amount of CBD Oil

You should have a general notion of how much CBD oil to feed your dog based on the aforementioned recommendations. Having said that, keep in mind that they are merely approximate numbers, and you shouldn’t interpret them as medical advise. Finding a holistic veterinarian who can decide on the proper dosage and schedule for your canine companion is advised if you want expert advice.

Usually, the easiest method to determine the ideal CBD dosage for your dog is to experiment a little, watch the results over the course of a week, and then alter the dosage as necessary.

Do you give CBD oil to your dogs? When did you finally find a dose that was effective for them? Tell us in the comments section below!

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