Should CBD oil Be Refrigerated

Should CBD oil Be Refrigerated?

The popularity of CBD oil is on the rise, and for good reason. It is a product that provides all-natural relief from bodily aches and pains without any risky adverse effects or addictive properties. However, despite the fact that it is more usual for CBD oil to be sold at nearby dispensaries and online stores without being chilled, others would argue and claim that it is necessary to do so in order to maintain its potency and effectiveness.

So how do you keep CBD oil properly? Should CBD oil be refrigerated? Is freezing or chilling required to keep it fresh? How can you determine whether the oil is still safe to eat? We’ll show you how to properly store CBD oil in this blog post so that you can increase its shelf life.

The Big Question: Is it Necessary to Refrigerate CBD Oil?

You must keep CBD oil properly if you want to take full advantage of all its health benefits.

But is cooling CBD oil really necessary to keep it fresh? Not always, is the correct response to the query. However, it could be a good idea to store it in the refrigerator to stop the oil’s components from deteriorating and to help it maintain its viscosity.

Can CBD Oil Be Stored in the Fridge?

If you are purchasing CBD oil in large quantities, refrigeration is strongly advised. If you only purchased one bottle of CBD oil and intend to use it immediately, you can simply store it in a cold, dark location, such as your medicine cabinet. However, cooling might lengthen their shelf life if you buy it in bulk and don’t intend to utilize it all right once.

Additionally, refrigeration may be useful if you live in a hot, humid area. Since this product doesn’t include preservatives, mold and bacteria can’t grow on it; instead, it needs to be kept in a cool, dry area, like the refrigerator.

Can CBD Oil Be Freezed?

You might be thinking that freezing CBD oil would be a better option to increase its shelf life now that you know that preserving it can assist. Well, let’s just stop there. The fluidity of the oil might be affected by extremely low temperatures. CBD oil may become thickened by freezing. If you combine it with carrier oils like coconut oil, it gets even thicker.

The chemical components of CBD oil may respond differently in temperatures below zero. The oil may crystallize when frozen. And if that occurs, getting the oil out of the container will be challenging.

In addition, the oil might appear cloudier. The good news is that while it might seem a little weird, it doesn’t really harm the oil’s quality.

Do not worry if you mistakenly stored the CBD oil in the freezer because you were unaware of the correct storage conditions. It is still still saveable. However, resist the urge to quickly place it in the oven. It should warm up and melt on its own if you just leave it at room temperature.

As an alternative, you can melt the oil by briefly running the container under warm water. Following that, you ought to have no issues using the product.

What is the shelf life of CBD oil?

One to two years are the shelf life of CBD goods like CBD oil. However, a number of factors, such as the components, the product quality, the manufacturing method, and how it is stored, affect the precise shelf life of CBD oil.

You can extend the shelf life of the goods by comprehending and being aware of all these aspects. The main elements that influence this parameter are listed below.

  • Quality – Products of high quality can endure the test of time. The state of the plant’s growth and the quality of the other ingredients are also taken into consideration when determining the quality of the CBD oil.
  • Ingredients – The substances used in CBD oil are important because their own shelf lives can have an impact on the oil’s durability. 
  • The Extraction Process – The shelf life of CBD oil is also affected by the carbon dioxide extraction process. Even the gold standard refers to it. The THC levels in the product can be maximized with the right carbon dioxide extraction technique. The compounds are kept more stable as a result.
  • Packaging – Those mysterious containers aren’t utilized only for show. When kept in opaque, airtight glass containers, CBD oil can remain fresh for a longer period of time. The oil is shielded from air and sunlight by the proper packing.

How long is CBD oil effective after being opened?

Like other products, CBD oil can have its shelf life extended with the right storage. If correct storage guidelines are followed, a CBD oil tincture can maintain its cannabinoid concentration and general characteristics for around six months after it has been opened. The chemicals in the product can be protected by cold temperatures, prolonging the oil’s freshness.

How to Determine Whether CBD Oil Is Still Safe to Use

Every bottle of CBD oil has an expiration date on it so that consumers may determine whether it is still in good condition. However, there are times when labels come off or you are just unable to see the small type. At this point, our senses can be useful.

Pay attention to the color of the CBD oil to determine whether it is safe to use. The effectiveness of the oil will decrease as the hue gets darker. So, drink the oil as soon as you observe a change in color.

Take note of the oil’s aroma as well. It may have gone bad if the oil smells nasty and strange. Fresh CBD oil has a pleasant, earthy aroma. The flavor of the oil should be earthy or nutty unless it has been artificially flavored. It must have expired if it tastes rotten and disagreeable.

Can You Get Sick From CBD Oil That Has Expired?

Relax if you believe you consumed CBD oil that has expired. You won’t get sick from it. In fact, it might not even result in fatalities. The cannabinoids in the oil will deteriorate and lose their effectiveness over time. This simply implies that you won’t benefit from CBD oil’s full therapeutic and health benefits if you unknowingly ingested some that was past its expiration date.

Three Things That Affect the Storage Conditions for CBD Oil

Since CBD oil doesn’t include any pollutants that would cause it to spoil like milk or food, it is safe to use at room temperature. The potency and effectiveness of CBD oil are known to be strongly impacted by the things listed below.

  • Temperature – High temperatures may degrade the CBD oil’s purity. The oil loses its consistency and potential health benefits when heated. Extreme heat only destroys the CBD oil’s important ingredients, so it must be kept at room temperature for storage.
  • Light – The quality of CBD oil may deteriorate if it is exposed to direct sunlight. You can never be too careful, even though the majority of CBD oil products come in tinted vials that are intended to prevent light. Do not just rely on the oil’s container. It is advised to store your CBD oil in cold, dry, and dark locations, such as a cabinet, to prevent degradation.
  • Air – Have you ever wondered why CBD oil is typically sold in little bottles? The reason for this is that the manufacturers want you to drink it quickly. Airborne chemicals including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen can interact with CBD oil. The chemical that harms the product the most out of these is oxygen. The oil will degrade more quickly when oxygen molecules hit it.

How to Properly Store Your CBD Oil

How to store your CBD oil is a common question among CBD enthusiasts. This is a great question as storing CBD oil is something every CBD user should know. Inadequate storage might cause CBD oil to deteriorate because it may be sensitive to heat, light, and air. It is suggested to keep it in an airtight container, such as a mason jar with a cover, to preserve it over time. However, avoid over sealing the containers because the product’s efficacy depends on oxygen being present.

Additionally, be sure that light cannot enter the containers as this could hasten the degradation of the cannabinoids. Due to the fact that UV rays can also promote oil oxidation, keep the container away of direct sunlight.

Additionally, it is recommended to keep the container at room temperature or in cold, dark places like cabinets or closets. Keeping the oil too warm or cold can compromise its quality and shorten its shelf life.

Most essential, keep it in a secure location. Keep the oil out of reach of children. Although it is safe for human intake, unfamiliar users may experience negative side effects like nausea or allergic responses. For instance, if a toddler unintentionally consumes it, he or she can feel queasy or change in appetite.

The conclusion

Although it is not necessary to refrigerate CBD oil, doing so is an excellent approach to extend its shelf life if you purchase CBD in large quantities. It is also important to keep in mind that if the oil is chilled or frozen, noticeable changes will occur. One possibility is that it might get thicker and harder to use. However, if the CBD oil is too cold, you can always keep it at room temperature to warm up naturally and it will be ready to use.

Read the instructions on the product’s label for suitable storage advice.

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