Can You Mix Different CBD Products

Can You Mix Different CBD Products?

There are numerous ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD), which is one of its charms. You can use CBD gummies, cream, oil, capsules, and CBD salves. This however brings up an important question: Is it possible to use multiple CBD products at once? And if so, is it possible to maximize your utilization of the available CBD oil?

There isn’t a simple yes or no to these questions. Let’s start with the facts, then.

Although several states have already passed strict laws, cannabidiol oil was nationally approved in the United States in December 2018. As a result, the CBD market experienced a boom. Adults consumed 6% of the total CBD produced annually in 2018. This figure is expected to increase to 35 percent by 2024.

There is no denying that CBD is becoming more and more popular. What was once a specialized alternative to medical care is now a widespread fad. CBD is now offered in a variety of products, including oils, CBD gummies, tinctures, creams and lotions, CBD Skincare, CBD dog treats, and bath bombs.

Most people have strong opinions on whether it is possible to combine two CBD products. Here are some key details you should be aware of before mixing these items.

How does CBD oil work?

Can You Mix Different CBD Products

Chemically, all cannabinoids work in the same way. They have an effect on your body’s endocannabinoid system. CB1 and CB2 are two distinct receptors in your body. Your body contains CB1 receptors, but your brain has the greatest proportion. These receptors aid in coordinating a variety of processes, including emotions, moods, movement, and thought. Immune cells frequently have CB2 receptors. Your body produces cannabinoids when CB1 and CB2 receptors are stimulated by CBD.

You should think about how CBD is administered in order to comprehend how it interacts with your body. Whether you apply it to your skin or administer it internally makes a clear difference.

CBD enters the bloodstream and acts throughout your entire body if you inhale, swallow, or absorb it through a mucosal membrane. When CBD products are used topically, they enter your body through your skin and may have therapeutic benefits.

CBD can be ingested using a variety of methods. CBD acts swiftly when inhaled orally or through other methods, but its effects last for only a few hours. After around 30 minutes, the chemical that is absorbed through the mucosal membrane, typically a tincture under the tongue, starts to work. The effects will probably linger for six hours.

Cannabidiol will start to work after one to two hours of consumption if you add it to food or take a capsule. However, it provides a consistent, all-day boost that you can rely on.

Can you overdose on CBD?

Analyzing dose is crucial to completely comprehending the effects of combining various CBD products.

It is yet unclear how much CBD oil and other over-the-counter drugs should be taken at one time. The CBD concentration level and bottle size vary from product to product, which furthers the confusion. As a result, the “proper” CBD dosage is dependent on the individual and how they respond to cannabidiol. The amount of CBD your body needs can vary depending on your body weight, genetics, metabolism, and preferred CBD delivery route.

Scientific evidence is mounting that suggests regular cannabidiol use is preferred to a single dose. According to research thus far, it can take a week of regular CBD consumption to notice a noticeable improvement.

There are no precise dose instructions. Researchers have examined dosages as low as 20 mg day and as high as 1000 mg daily. They advise starting with a lesser dosage and escalating it gradually as needed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) just released a research outlining how safe CBD is and how improbable an overdose is.

Why would you combine CBD products?

Even if you combine different CBD products, you generally won’t overdose on it. But why would you ever want to mix them together?

Consider purchasing CBD oil tinctures. Even if you find the dosage that is ideal for you, it will ultimately wear off. Do you need to take more or more of something all at once? What if you purchased CBD gummies to munch on several times per day and CBD-infused lotion?

Numerous CBD products produce varying results. As a result, consumers frequently experiment with and utilize multiple goods at once.

Observe how much cannabidiol you take in each day. In case you have any negative effects, it’s also advised to reduce the daily dosage.

Some customers are curious as to whether they can combine various CBD tinctures or oils in one bottle to create their own combination. This is not advised because doing so makes it difficult for you to grasp how each product will affect you. In addition, it won’t be possible to predict how much CBD you’ll take in at any one time.

Combining CBD products

It’s not difficult to use a wide selection of CBD products. Here are some guidelines to help you consume various products safely and maintain high levels of CBD throughout your day.

Microdosing CBD products

The word “microdosing” is typically used in reference to THC, another cannabinoid. However, there is nothing wrong with using a little imagination to adapt this idea to the market for CBD products.

Microdosing is experimenting with different CBD oil concentrations to determine which one works best at what time. Once you have this knowledge, it will be easier to enjoy yourself while securely using various CBD product variations.

It’s recommended to consume small doses of CBD oil multiple times per day. If nothing occurs, continue dosing until you experience the effects. It’s crucial to note that because the molecule is not meant to cause you to feel high, the effects of CBD don’t last very long.

Try out various consumption techniques.

Knowing the appropriate delivery method that works best for you is crucial before you start combining CBD products. You can use CBD-infused topical items, consume CBD oil as a tincture, gummies, or capsules. Here’s an example of how mixing CBD consumption strategies can be done well.

Apply a CBD topical with menthol before your workout if you enjoy jogging in the morning and take a CBD tincture beneath your tongue. Both the tincture and topical will have an impact on you both internally and externally, and they will both last all morning.

Tips for using CBD safely

Be aware that there are many brands on the market, and their quality varies greatly, if you’re thinking about using CBD oil. One strategy to get the best product is to look for CBD-infused goods made in nations where marijuana use is permitted for both medical and recreational purposes. These states have stringent laws governing the cultivation of hemp and the extraction of CBD oil.

Don’t anticipate a miracle

Cannabidiol may have certain advantages in terms of health and wellness, according to preliminary research. However, much of what medical professionals know about CBD oil is based on anecdotal data, necessitating deeper research in order to gather definitive evidence through human testing. This does not imply that you shouldn’t take this substance. Though legal, CBD has not yet received FDA approval.

Consult with your doctor first

To manage your general health as effectively as possible, you should let your healthcare professional know about any supplements you take. Additionally, it would help your doctor in choosing the best course of therapy for you while protecting you from any potentially harmful drug interactions and other associated dangers.

The majority of people are hesitant to discuss supplemental supplements with their doctors. It is advisable for you to let your doctor know if you have already started using CBD oil.

In certain places, you require a doctor’s prescription to get CBD oil. In theory, doctors cannot ‘prescribe’ CBD oil or other products that are prohibited by federal law. However, several states permit medical professionals to “recommend” CBD oil and products with CBD.

Be mindful of possible medication interactions

If a patient is using higher dosages of CBD oil, further research is required to discover whether CBD can reduce the effectiveness of some prescription drugs. This is due to the possibility that CBD could alter or intensify the effects of some drugs.

Cannabinoids are additional compounds found in the cannabis plant. There is a minor possibility that improperly extracted CBD oil may contain a larger amount of THC than claimed unless the extraction process is carried out in accordance with the established regulations. According to the AAN, THC is a substance connected to long-term effects on a user’s cognitive health (American Academy of Neurology). Therefore, it’s crucial to check for CBD oil that complies with the purity requirements set forth by your state.

Purchase from a reputable vendor.

Products containing CBD oil come in a wide variety, and there are no established federal regulatory requirements. Because of this, it might not be obvious which CBD dosages or forms would be appropriate for a given person’s unique requirements.

However, some medical professionals are confident in mentioning a certain CBD dosage. The majority of doctors advise their patients to interact with the dispensary employees. In the select areas where it is permitted, medical marijuana patients can purchase hemp products at these state-licensed establishments.

Even if you’re shopping for CBD-infused lotions and gummies, first research the seller’s track record and manufacturing practices. The greatest places to buy these goods are from reliable businesses like Hemperial CBD.


Combining several CBD oil products is safe, provided that you put your health first and take precautions. It is in your best interest to speak with your healthcare practitioner first before using CBD oil if you have any worries about taking CBD.

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