Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Amazon is a large marketplace that possesses a catalog of various services. The company deals with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and digital streaming. Most people would think that the marketplace has everything they need. 

However, there are some items you cannot find on Amazon. One such item is CBD oil; Amazon and CBD oil are not coherent. The giant marketplace bars avoid selling CBD oil and any product containing cannabidiol. So, why can’t you buy CBD oil on Amazon?

Purchasing CBD Oil on Amazon

A quick search for CBD oil on Amazon returns different results. You encounter products with identities like “hemp extract,” “hemp oil,” and “hemp oil extract.” Perhaps, the results come from the fact that most CBD oils are from hemp. There is, yet, a clear difference between “hemp oil” and actual true CBD oil.

The hemp oil products are manufactured from hemp seeds and mostly have no CBD. On the other hand, genuine cannabidiol (CBD) products get sourced from hemp flowers and leaves. They, thus, keep a large part of the hemp’s active compounds.

So, the “CBD oils” you see on Amazon when you search for the product may likely not have CBD oil. They may, yet, not have hemp-derived cannabinoids or the right amounts of CBD. It means that they don’t have the therapeutic qualities of actual CBD oil.

If you can’t buy CBD oil on Amazon, can you sell CBD on Amazon? No. If you have no buyers for the product on the platform, then you cannot have sellers. Barring the sale of CBD oil products means that no seller can offer the product for sale on Amazon.

What do You need to Know About CBD Oil on Amazon?

The debate about hemp oil vs. CBD oil may go on for a long time. Which is safer and which is harmful? This question comes from the fact that both products are from the hemp plant. It is ideal to consider the hemp products you buy from Amazon. Some of them are likely to be harmful to users as they lack production standards.

Since they lack laboratory test certification, the products could contain harmful elements. You may get affected by toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals. You must buy quality and well-known brand that sells genuine CBD oils. Quality products are well subjected to match the client’s need through several professional lab tests for effectiveness and safety.

Why Did Amazon Ban Genuine CBD Oil? 

It is yet to be clear why CBD products are illegal. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp used in making CBD products. It did not, however, say anything explicitly about CBD. Amazon restricts its operations to selling only certified and legal products. It means that the store only deals with products that have express approval from the federal government.

Questions are still many, though, about the legality of CBD products. In the USA, CBD products are legal and available on sale. The catch is that they are produced in adherence to appropriate regulations and standards.

Since CBD oils are considered controlled substances, Amazon does not sell them. The substances are illegal and are classified as drugs not to be sold publicly.

Is It A Bad Idea to Buy CBD Oils on Amazon?

For human safety and wellness, Amazon avoids selling CBD oils and other substances. Unfortunately, sellers still get their way in the system selling the products. Some of them use counterfeit labels and marketing materials to show they are selling genuine products. 

Amazon only allows products such as hemp extract, hemp oil, and hemp oil extract. These illegal Amazon sellers give an inaccurate description of their products, which may be harmful to your health. 

Due to the strict Amazon rules and product safety, hemp oil sellers cannot disclose their product information. The process becomes challenging to clients who need genuine Amazon CBD oils from the online megastore. 

There have been instances that clients have bought hemp oil from Amazon and later found out that the products contain CBD. Such controversial information is misleading and frustrating.

If you are genuinely buying CBD oil due to its benefits, buying it on Amazon is not a good idea. You might get a different product in the name of CBD oils.

If Not Amazon, Where Else Can You Buy CBD Oil?

The easiest and ideal way of buying CBD oils is going through a company that has a product store. This way, you can have several products to pick from and ask questions regarding the shop or products.

Although it is convenient to shop on Amazon, it may be risky to your health. Of course, with all the negative news of selling hemp oils instead of CBD oils, clients feel uncomfortable. Buying CBD oil is safe if you know the type of product you need. 

To get the actual product, you need to select a reputable brand that can supply you with the product. Go to a company that directly processes its products. Find a company that offers original and high-quality CBD oil from the source. 

The authenticity of CBD products is to make you feel its impact on your body. Thus, it is ideal to go for well processed and tested products.

Visiting the company directly offers you an opportunity to buy genuine products, ask in-depth questions and get direct help from experts. If not Amazon, then you can get your CBD oils from high-quality manufacturers.

A Rundown on Buying CBD Oil from Amazon

For sure, Amazon bars the selling of CBD on its site. However, it is possible to buy the products from the same store. The products are on sale as “hemp oils,” which are not illegal to sell. These are not genuine CBD oils, though. Ensure you purchase your CBD oil products from reputable brands. Retailers are known for their expertise in dealing with the products. Visit the Hemperial CBD website for some genuine CBD oil products. These products are made of the highest production quality before becoming available on the market.

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